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Keeping in Touch: 

I started just writing as a fun stress reliever. I have stories out the whazoo packed away in boxes. More than half of them are not finished, but now I have a reason and a purpose for completing the thoughts and happenings in my life.

I have 15 (fifteen) books out now:

 #1 - Life in a Nutshell

is a compilation of stories I like and wanted to share with everyone.

#2 - The Lost

is the story of a man who on the inside does not notice things are changing, but everyone on the outside knows. He suffers from what thousands if not millions on this earth suffer with.

#3 - The Recyclist...The Beginning 

is about a town in southern Missouri where things are not necessarily the same as they are everywhere else. There is a cast of characters who are the likely and the unlikely. There is light humor amongst.....The Recycling. (This is the first in the series of the Vesper elders.) You may insert evil laughter here.

#4 - The Good, The Bad & the Nutty

The continuing stories of a nutty, funny life.

#5 - Ty 

This little boy is the sweetest and so charming. This is a bedtime story for children and with a twist at the end, it can be considered 'a never ending story.'

#6 - A Mother's Lament 

A humorous look at life, from one mother's point of view. If none of these happenings or thoughts have happened or crossed your mind, then your doing something

#7 - Where's Jesse?

 A story about a grandmother who loved her grandson so much, she couldn't let go or even face the fact that he was stillborn 17 years earlier.

#8 - A Living Nighmare 

Mackenzie relives a horrific murder, and preperations of catching a killer by the police. She didn't realize she was involved without even knowing it. (Based on a true story, but has been made fictional and is a matter of public record).

#9 - Don't Push My Button

Bullies always think they are going to win, NOT ALWAYS!

#10 - Dear Mom

A letter to a deceased mother from her now adult daughter.

#11 - Heavenly Angels, Demons and me

Odd, and strange happenings of the netherworld persuation.

#12 - Synvarie'

The young man in this story doesn't know he has had an accident and keeps living adventures in his mind.

#13 - Bingo

Bingo was the best dog anyone could have ever asked for. A bright intelligent Australian Shepherd.

#14 - Just Desserts...The Recyclist Continues

Martha and Evelyn are at it again.....With Billy's help.

#15 - Secret Agent: Mother

Her daughter gets caught up with the wrong people and Secret Agent: Mother goes to the extreme to save her daughter.

Till next time-Be good and Be safe my friends!

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