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Thank you for stopping by and visiting The Funny Family Fable Website. This is the site where  you will get bits of insight into my next story I am working on. If you would like to purchase and download my eBooks, you may do so by going through Smashwords,Sony,Amazon,Nook and a variety of other sources. In order to find my books, just type in Vicki Dillon in the search box.

Now, Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I am a person who has seen life at it's fullest and life at it's worst. I have seen life give the best surprises and I have seen life take away everything a person could love. I have had tragic happenings in my life and I write about these in the manner of my thoughts at the time. The things people never speak of, I do. I like people to feel emotions and I try very hard to write in this manner. I also love to put a twist into my stories. I am a person who sometimes breaks the boundaries and rules of writing. I know there is an order in which you are supposed to do the read, but I want people to visualize the stories and feel if they have stepped into the book. Hey, rules are made to be broken! I hope you will allow yourself to walk right in and become the fly on the wall in my stories.


 My latest EBook is:

A Life Too Short!

 I have not been on here in a while due to a rash of deaths in my family, with each one taking a toll.

One of which was my daughter, which brings us toooooooooooo, ' A Life Too Short'. Now, here is the tidbit for coming to this website. Some things that are not in the book OR mentioned elsewhere. My daughter not only was an addict of alcoholic and drugs, but she had a mental illness, schitzophrenia and a few other issues.She did not wear her glasses because sometimes she would see things that frightened her and without her glasses-out of focus was less scary to her.

Her addiction took her at the young age of 40. She was a mother and grandmother, but never was allowed to be around her children because of these addictions.

The eBook is in loving memory of my daughter. I call it that because even though it seems harsh in places, they were 'our' memories.

It took a lot out of me in writing this book and tore my heart up and left it battered and bruised for a bit. Writing the book was actually great therapy for my grieving.

My sister started reading it and said it was intense and so personal. Years back, it would have been considered, 'airing the dirty laundry' which was unheard of and you could get disowned for it. Many families are still this way about addiction in their families. I feel that if you don't bring out that laundry and hang it on the line, how else will things start changing? Society needs to not be ashamed of it, we need to start REALLY talking about it, because it is a disease, not a punishment! If we had started years ago, maybe it would not be so prevalent now, and maybe my daughter would still be alive. This is part of the loving memory, I can be honest about her issues, cause I loved her so very much. 

When you are reading the book, you will come across dash lines and then more writing. Let me explain.........AFTER THE DASH LINES, are words written by my friend and co-writer Kristal Miller, who is a former user/addict and she is reacting to what I have written. It may back up the part I write, or she may have a different mind about what I wrote, but it makes it very interesting. 

So, Please get the book and sit with a nice brew of coffee and peer into my private hell of fighting addiction.

P.S - every book that sells, is going to help pay for my daughters burial expenses.


 Take care - Be good and be safe my friends.


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