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Thank you for stopping by and visiting The Funny Family Fable Website. This is the site where  you will get bits of insight into my next story I am working on. If you would like to purchase and download my eBooks, you may do so by going through Smashwords,Sony,Amazon,Nook and a variety of other sources. In order to find my books, just type in Vicki Dillon in the search box.

Now, Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I am a person who has seen life at it's fullest and life at it's worst. I have seen life give the best surprises and I have seen life take away everything a person could love. I have had tragic happenings in my life and I write about these in the manner of my thoughts at the time. The things people never speak of, I do. I like people to feel emotions and I try very hard to write in this manner. I also love to put a twist into my stories. I am a person who sometimes breaks the boundaries and rules of writing. I know there is an order in which you are supposed to do the read, but I want people to visualize the stories and feel if they have stepped into the book. Hey, rules are made to be broken! I hope you will allow yourself to walk right in and become the fly on the wall in my stories.


 My latest EBook is:

The Dysfunctional Detective

 I had so much fun writing this one.The inside story is what I am gonna give you here, on the writing of this one. It was a painful process of getting to writing the e-book.

The truth is: when I was 11, my mother committed suicide practically right in front of my brother and I. She was on the other side of the front door, but only about 5 feet inside the door when we saw the flash.

Pain? Yes, at the time it was very painful, but you have to realize that at 11, you cry and a couple years pass and you realize you are sad, but you don't examine the reasons. You only know at that age that it happened. Psychologically, your mind  doesn't know how to sort it out or how to deal except to clam up.

As I grew older though, I was one big walking question. Our family was extremely dysfunctional, so I kept it to myself. When computers and the internet came about- the web was nothing. It had to be filled with information to be any good. I waited, but it did not keep me from asking questions. One of my sister's didn't want to talk about it and the other, well we were not on speaking terms for 20 years. 

It was magic in the spring of 2013 though. I found my sister on Facebook. We started talking again and I then started asking my questions. We were like helping each other relive that horrible time. She was 19 and I was11, so, we saw things differently. We began to help each other greatly and I was the one who wanted the info and to dig...dig...dig. Without talking to my sister again, I don't think I would have achieved the finale. She was a blessing and the cheerleader of the two of us. Me? I was the worker bee on a quest. 

 Working on, 'The Dysfunctional Detective,' actually brought us together as sisters by facing the tragedy and understanding it. We did open the envelopes together as in the story, because of concern as to how each other would accept what we found. What if it shattered one of us- our heart or our mind? We know we got through a dysfunctional part of our lives and that made us both feel good. We also found out when we put our minds together, we make darn good detectives. We have both been helpful to each other and her and I know how NOT to be dysfunctional now. So the book was a blessing in disguise and the laughs we shared while we did our detective work and since have been priceless!


Hmmmmmm, what could be coming next? I have three actually, that are stewing in my brain.

#1- A man who murders his wife.............with a twist.

#2 - A pirate adventure...............unlike the others.


#3 -  The Blog from my alter ego character: Game On Granny. People would come onto my blog to ask Game On Granny questions just so they could be harassed, smarted off to, and told off by the ol' biddy who is quite witty. they would also be told Granny's signature phrase (long before the others used it)..............................................................Game On!!!


Take care - Be good and be safe my friends.


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